RNA bioprocess equipment

What we did
Mechanical design
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
Verification and validation
RNA bioprocess equipment

Amodo Design have collaborated with Dr. Zoltán Kis to produce bespoke hardware that meets the precise needs of their RNA production and experimentation processes.

Dr. Zoltán Kis is leading a large research project funded via the Wellcome Leap R3 programme aiming to innovate RNA vaccine and therapeutic production processes. His team’s work on RNA vaccine manufacturing and production process modelling has received high-profile media coverage in the UK and internationally e.g. on BBC World News, BBC Radio (4,5 and World Series), Sky News, RTL TV, China Central Television (CCTV), Nature News, The Lancet, BMJ, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The New York Times and many more.

We are excited to combine The University of Sheffield's domain expertise in bioprocess with Amodo’s experience in producing novel industrial hardware. Our mechanical engineering team have collaborated with Dr Kis’ expert RNA production team to create custom hardware solutions to their process problems. This collaboration demonstrated the agility and speed of our engineering teams: from first briefing meeting to delivering custom hardware was just 4 weeks, unrivalled speed to match the ambitious pace of Dr. Kis’ research group.

Amodo are excited to be able to provide rapid engineering design and production services to ambitious academics looking for innovative ways to accelerate and increase the quality of their research.

RNA bioprocess equipment