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Working at Amodo

Amodo Design is based in Sheffield - The Outdoor City. Our office is in Sheffield's vibrant city centre. We pride ourselves in designing excellent products for our clients. We aim to engineer a better world and improve the lives of current and future generations.

We're limited on what we can share about our work due to IP sensitivity, but we are currently designing new products for clients in Biotech, Medtech, Heavy Industry and Sustainability.

What do we do?

At Amodo you will work with a top class team of engineers, quickly iterating on exciting new research and product engineering. Work at Amodo is varied, but we broadly undertake projects in three categories.

Our work is diverse in scope and subject, but is always completed thoughtfully and thoroughly. We focus on making real, concrete progress on engineering problems and questions. Working with Amodo you will see your designs manufactured and distributed globally, your research inform policy, and you will support multi-million pound projects.

Complete product development

Our clients come to us with problems, challenges, or ideas for product development. We work on the whole design process, from extracting design specifications through ideation, prototyping, design for manufacture and even manufacture itself. You will get to work in a range of positions, getting hands on with engineering design and development

Engineering support

Some of our clients require either surge engineering capacity, or a specific skillset that we have. We work alongside them to help with their engineering problems.

Engineering research

Unlike many consultancies we also get involved at the pre-product stage. Our experience in industry and biotech puts us in the position to run feasibility studies for new and existing companies. This research-heavy work can include literature reviews, feasibility modelling and market research.

Open roles

Graduate Software Engineer

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Firmware Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Senior Electronic Engineer

Electronic Engineer

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