Ethical engineering expertise, from concept to market.

Case Study
Automated door and window shutters
Lumios shutters are novel insulative panels for wide-span architectural windows and openings of up to 25m. The primary use of these shutters is to provide automatic insulation and sun-tracking shading to large glazed areas of high solar gain and/or heat loss, but their elegant aesthetic and flexible control allows for endless possibilities.


Intelligent multiplexing drives down costs to consumer levels, allowing the use of just two stepper motors for each shutter array and one small push solenoid per Lumios unit. The system utilises three conductive guide rails to supply low-voltage power and control signals to individual shutters. Combining this system with well placed end stops and purpose-built control algorithms allows complete control of each individual shutter's position, whilst still allowing for manual adjustment.  
What is
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Amodo is a Sheffield-based multi-disciplinary group of engineers, offering expert engineering consultancy services, with a focus on sustainable, ethical delivery.

Our primary service is end to end design, from problem to product. We work alongside companies to develop innovative solutions to engineering problems. We join the design process as early as the opportunity identification stage, or as far on as developing existing preliminary designs.

Whether you're just exploring the options open to you, or you have detailed concepts for a cutting edge project, get in touch to see how Amodo can help.
Our Services
The amodo team offers the following services:
Product Design
Scaled Manufacture
Minimum Viable Products
Engineering Analysis & Modelling
Feasibility Studies
Product Sustainability Consultancy
Bespoke Industrial Projects
The amodo team has expertise in areas such as:
Mechanical Design
Control & Automation
Data Analysis & Machine Learning
Simulation (FEA & CFD)
Remote Monitoring & Telemetry
Software & End User Apps
Design for Manufacture
The amodo team has experience in industries including:
Quarrying, Mining & Construction
Environment & Sustainability
Medical Devices / Healthcare
Built Environment
Consumer Goods
Our Values
Sustainability and working ethics are at the heart of our consultancy. We pride ourselves in our integrity towards our principles, which form the foundation of Amodo.

At Amodo, we feel a profound responsibility to look after the planet we live on, and to encourage those we work with to do the same. Because of this, we offset all of our carbon emissions, and we will always advise our clients toward responsible, sustainable practice.

Working Ethics
All people are important to us, including but not limited to our team and our clients. In our day to day work, we provide fair, inclusive, and fulfilling employment to our team, and fair, unbiased and honest services to our clients. In our consulting capacity, we strive to intelligently inform our clients of potential humanitarian impacts of different supply chains, and advise on ethical routes for scaled manufacture and deployment.