Automated evolutionary bioreactor

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Automated evolutionary bioreactor

Amodo has worked with Evolutor to develop a complete automated bioreactor that compliments their unique synthetic biology platform.

Evolutor are a University of Sheffield spinout driving the Bio-industrial revolution. Evolutor use their Accelerated Evolution Platform to build the world’s best microbial biomanufacturing systems. They leverage a combination of proprietary synthetic biology toolkits, bioreactor hardware and evolutionary AI to fully optimise new and existing microbial systems to perform efficiently and sustainably at scale.

Amodo have worked closely with Evolutor’s team to produce a new generation of bioreactor hardware. This tight collaboration between two Sheffield based tech startups (Amodo and Evolutor) has led to a novel bioreactor system that is driving forward Evolutor’s tech stack.

Speaking both the languages of biology and engineering

Amodo have a talented team of multi-disciplinary engineers experienced working at the intersection of biology and hardware development. At Amodo we have seen other engineering teams fail by not fully grasping the biological requirements of a project. At Amodo we pride ourselves in speaking both the languages of biology and engineering, we have engineers who can both culture cells and design hardware! This gives Amodo a unique advantage, enabling us to create novel biotechnologies which actually work.

Amodo worked closely with Evolutor’s founding team to derive clear biological specifications. Our work involved deep background scientific research to review the technical requirements for their hardware followed by a series of well designed scientific experiments to establish the suitability of different engineering designs.

Bringing agile to biotech hardware

Anyone who has worked with biological systems will understand the reality of experimental variability and the necessity to frequently test your engineering assumptions. Through our work with Evolutor we prioritised frequent sub-system testing to ensure we were evaluating the true biological feasibility of designs. Bringing our engineering team into the lab to work alongside Evolutor’s scientists helped get immediate user and biological feedback to quickly improve designs.

Amodo are excited to support the development of new biotechnologies. With Evolutor we have worked on the complete engineering stack and we are excited to support the future development of hardware across the spectrum of biotechnologies.

Automated evolutionary bioreactor